Texas Tees Funny Shirts for Dad

When you have a new baby, there is always someone left out. The mummy and baby get all the gifts and praise but daddy is forgotten. Awwww!

Not now he isn’t. This is a really cool gift for the new daddy and his little bundle of joy. Matching tee shirts and baby bodysuits, what more could any daddy ask, and some really cool designs too. This is a wonderful gift set tee shirt and body suit made from 65% cotton and 35% poly.

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Detailed information about Texas Tees Funny Shirts for Dad

Both garments come in a variety of sizes suitable for just about everyone. The tee shirts come in all sizes. Remember that babies grow fast so it is always better getting a bodysuit a size larger to allow them to grow into it, just in case.

There isn’t only a choice in sizes either. There are also options of logo and caption to choose from: Beast & Beast in Training; Papa Bear & Baby Bear; Darth & Jedi; Darth & Storm Pooper and so on.


The bodysuit is made from soft and comfortable cotton/poly mixed fiber

There are a range of really cool logos and slogans to suit almost anyone

Full range of sizes for daddy and the baby