Sushi Socks Box – Two Pairs Salmon and Cucumber Maki

If they love sushi, and even if they don’t, they are going to love these unique and interesting sushi socks so much they might not even want to take them out of the to-go container that they are packed in.

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Detailed information about Sushi Socks Box – Two Pairs Salmon and Cucumber Maki

The socks not only look delicious but they are good for a laugh. Each package contains your favorite types of sushi, made out of cotton! There are several types of sushi socks in our Sushi Sox Box Slice including tuna, shrimp, cucumber, butterfish, octopus nigiri and more. These vibrant socks contain rich colors and beautiful textured patterns and will add a bit of spice to anything they are worn with.

They are packaged in a to-go container that one might actually get at a restaurant, and they are even packaged with faux ginger slices and wasabi made out of bits of colorful material, along with a soy sauce bottle to add to the clever deception.


Skillfully made in a family-run business in central Europe

Produced with high-quality cotton

Sized for both men and women