Rising Star Supply Picture Frames

Everyone has photographs of loved ones, skills and award certificates, or maybe vintage postcards and dried flowers that require a frame. If you or anyone you know requires a picture frame with double glass plates, then you need to look no further.

Take the time to look at the write up of this product and look at its specifications. It is a hinged double gold plated frame with two plates of glass on each leaf.

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Detailed information about Rising Star Supply Picture Frames

The pressed glass and gold color picture frame will complement every style of décor, every keepsake and every memento you wish to display in it. The picture frame is so charming with its double leaves hinged together so that it is freestanding. Each leaf can be opened exposing two sheets of glass suitable for holding the image or item.

Once the two leaves are closed there is a top sliding locket clasp to hold everything secure. There are also a few pieces of double-sided adhesive tape included within the pack so the image can be secured more easily and securely.


Made from gold-colored metal with two plain glass inserts per leaf

The picture frame has two leaves hinged together to allow it to free stand

The three sizes are designed to accommodate most standard picture sizes