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Auntie Quote Chalkboard Wall Art

Aunties are special people in your life who are always there for you in good and bad time. An auntie is basically like a second mother to you.  When you need sound advice or a shoulder to cry on, your auntie is probably the closest person you will go to. Aunties will be there to console you during a hard time, and they also celebrate with you during great and joyous moments. So, doesn’t your auntie deserve a great gift to show her some love?

Unique and uncommon gifts have a special way of delivering a special message indirectly. This beautiful auntie quote print is a great gift that will truly pass a special message of love to your auntie. The Ocean Drop Design auntie quote print is designed with unique artwork that conveys a special message to an auntie. If you are looking for unique and original gift ideas that will coincidentally pass a special message to your auntie and show her how much you care, then this print is just the excellent gift to get for her.

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Detailed information about Auntie Quote Chalkboard Wall Art

The black and white auntie print quote is an original gift idea, with the right message for your auntie which is meant to show precisely how you feel about her. We can easily tell a person how much we love them. But it’s even better when the message is delivered in a gift. The lovely print quote will serve as a permanent reminder of your unending love to your auntie, and each time she sees it, she will always remember you.

This print is made of premium quality material measuring approximately 8X10". It is designed in a perfect size enough to hang on a wall. But, it can also firmly stand on its own on a table or desk or any flat surface. The print is beautifully mounted on a sturdy and durable PVC board; thus, you will be assured that you are giving your aunt a good quality and long-lasting print which will definitely last long as your love for her.


The print can stand on its own, and it can also be framed

It carries heartwarming sentimental auntie quotes