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Gift Garden Auntie Picture Frame

Aunties are some of the closest people in your life. They are a big part of your family. In fact, your auntie has probably been there for you in your saddest moment and also celebrated your happiest and greatest moments in your life. But time and distance can keep you apart, and you probably meet once in a while on special occasions. Thus, when there is a rare occasion in her life, you have to celebrate and remind her that you cherish her.

This beautiful picture frame from Giftgarden with a unique, elegant carving reading Auntie is just about the perfect gift you can give to your auntie. The vintage picture frame is modestly designed with a simple style which gives it a versatile look that will seamlessly match any décor or environment.

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Detailed information about Gift Garden Auntie Picture Frame

This elegant auntie picture frame measures about 7.9x7.6 inch with an inner photo frame of about  3.5X5 inch. The frame is not only a great sentimental gift to give to your aunt, but it’s also an excellent piece of art to add to interior décor collection.  The vintage picture frame looks quite elegant and exquisite when placed on desks, tables or shelves and will effortlessly brighten up the surroundings and add a classy touch.  The lovely aunt carving beautifully displayed on top of the frame gives the frame a delicate, sophisticated look which makes it boldly unique. In addition, the frame has unique embellished edges which will not only enhance a beautiful photo presentation, but it also gives the frame a unique classic vintage look.

This is a sentimental gift to give to your ever-loving auntie. It has a personalized theme meant to make an auntie feel special and appreciated. The picture frame can be placed in the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, office, and any other preferable place.

  • The picture frame has a classic vintage look
  • It’s a quality poly-resin frame
  • The size of the frame is smaller than expected