Silky Necktie Set for Men

Most men enjoy looking good, whether it is at work in the office or socially. If your man enjoys wearing a necktie with all the associated trimmings, then why not consider buying this set for him. You know he will just love it.

The Premium Men’s Gift Tie Set from Tavato includes three different sets of matching necktie, pocket squares, tie clips and cufflinks. And as if that isn’t enough, the seller also supplies as a choice of styles, two other sets of three so if you buy all three sets he will have enough matching neck tie sets to last nine whole days. What isn’t there to like about this?

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Detailed information about Silky Necktie Set for Men

The neckties are imported and feel silky to touch. Each one is 60” long and 3.15” wide (at its widest point) so there is enough length to tie a decent, proper knot that will always look good. The pocket squares add that chic touch.

They are 8.86” x 8.86” and patterned to match the neck tie. To complete each set there are four tie clips and four cufflinks. Altogether this whole set will ensure that the wearer will look chic wherever he is: wedding, graduation, at the job interview, on that special meeting when he wants to impress the right person. This necktie set will certainly guarantee that he will be noticed.