Mother Daughter Ring Necklace – Gold and Silver

Sweet sixteen only comes around once in a girl’s life, and it is important to mark this milestone in a sentimental and poignant way. This gift from mother to daughter does just that.

Turning sixteen means many things to a young woman; it is a coming of age that is marked by learning to drive, possibly starting to date, and looking for her first job, in essence taking her first steps toward being the woman that she has been preparing to be for her entire life. All of the tireless work that parents put into shaping their young lady comes to fruition around their sixteenth birthday.

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Detailed information about Mother Daughter Ring Necklace – Gold and Silver

The card that the necklace is mounted on carries an inspirational message telling her that she has learned well and she can be proud of the woman that she has evolved into and that her parents still have all of the faith in the world in their little girl. The card with the mounted jewelry is delivered in a beautiful gift box complete with a hand-tied bow. All that remains is the give this gift to that special young woman.

This lovely piece of jewelry is comprised of two rings mounted on a silver chain. The rings are skillfully crafted by hand in silver and gold, representing mother and daughter together forever.


Beautiful rings crafted by hand and made in silver and gold tone metal

Necklace arrives in an elegant gift box ready to give

The item is mounted on a wonderfully sentimental card