Call Of The Wild Men’s Thermal Crew Socks

When your loved one goes out into the wilderness, you must make sure he is wrapped up well against the cold. The extremities of the body are most likely to suffer during cold weather. This is why it is so important to wrap hands and feet, ears and nose to avoid, as a worst case, frostbite; and as the minimum, uncomfortable, numb and cold hands and feet and other body parts. He wouldn’t dream of going into the wild without a proper warm coat and hat so why should he skimp on his socks?

These socks from LTD are just what the outdoorsman needs to keep his feet snug and warm. There are four pairs of socks in the set and they fit most sizes as the shoe size is 10 to 13

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Detailed information about Call Of The Wild Men’s Thermal Crew Socks

They are made from polyester fibre mixed with spandex and are ribbed at the opening so will stretch and fit snugly around most men’s shoe sizes. They are easily machine washed and spring back into shape very easily. If it is freezing or snowy weather outside then you can be certain that his toes will be toasty and dry as long as he has adequate shoes or boots.

These socks will be a perfect gift for Christmas (what man doesn’t want socks for Christmas) or birthdays or maybe for getting his gear ready for the hunting or skiing seasons. Whatever the reason to buy them you can be sure that they will be appreciated and used over and over again. Even if he doesn’t like the outdoors sports, he cannot stay indoors all through the winter so these thermal socks will be great for normal and everyday use when it is cold outside.


These thermal socks have a thermal rating from 5 degrees to 25 degrees

They are made from stretchy polyester and spandex fibre with a ribbed ankle region

The socks will fit most men’s sizes; from size 10 to 13

The set includes four pairs of socks