Men’s ‘Crows Before Hoes’ T-shirt

Are you stuck as to what to buy your son, daughter, boyfriend or girlfriend this Christmas? They like to dress informally so expensive jewelry is out of the question. Why not buy them a crazy personalized tee shirt instead?

“Crows Before Hoes” is a great vintage tee shirt from Crazy Dog Tee Shirts and is a novelty tee that will always raise a smile. Although this product is advertised as an item specifically for men, the manufacturer shows a photo of a woman wearing the tee and she definitely does not look out of place so we would respectfully suggest that this is a unisex garment.

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Detailed information about Men’s ‘Crows Before Hoes’ T-shirt

All the tee shirts from Crazy Dog are funny and unusual and all are made from a blend of ultra soft cotton and synthetic fibers so that they fit well, are comfortable and feel so good that the wearer just won’t want to take them off.

A word of warning when it comes to ordering. The tee shirts are slim fit so it is best if you order the next size up if the wearer is between sizes. The manufacturer offers all the usual regular sizes but also offers 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL for the outsized among us. And if you aren’t really sure which size is best, Crazy Dog will provide an exchange straight away if the sizing is wrong. What more could you ask?


This is a good quality tee shirt printed with the highest quality inks

Crazy Dog tee shirts are some of the best on the market

The slogans and images are high quality and unique to the company