The Low Maintenance Pets That Like to Cuddle!

If you are looking for the right combination of low maintenance and cuddly, you’ve got a few options. Let’s see which adorable animals made our low maintenance pets list!

We can all admit to loving animals that are snuggly and cute, but it’s another thing to take care of them! If you enjoy cuddling up with your friend’s dog but aren’t sure you want the responsibility of caring for a pet yourself, you aren’t alone.

Maybe you work long hours and won’t be home a lot, or maybe you’re just lazy (and that’s okay to admit!) It’s important, to be honest with yourself about the lifestyle you have or want so that you can pick the pet that is the right fit.

You definitely don’t want to get a high maintenance pet if you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to take the time to care for them. From giving animals the right environment to finding certain specific foods, to taking them out for walks, there can be a lot involved with caring for certain pets.

However, thankfully, there are other pets that require far less work. Best of all, there are several low maintenance pets that like to cuddle and are super cute.

Low Maintenance Pets

1. Rabbits

First on our list is a rabbit! Full of love to give, rabbits make excellent pets are are surprisingly low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about taking them out for a walk, which saves you a lot of time and for many people is one of the biggest reasons they shy away from getting a dog.

Rabbits are active and like bouncing and playing around, so be sure to let them out of their cage to hop around and have fun. They are very affectionate and like to be pet, so they are a great option if you want something cute and cuddly to come home to.

Similar to a cat, you can train your rabbit to use a litterbox, making them super low maintenance in that area. Make sure you keep their cage clean, give them plenty of toys, and plenty of love!

2. Cats

Of course, cats belong on a low maintenance pet list because they are pretty easy to keep without spending a lot of effort. Cats do enjoy social interaction and being close to their owners, but they also like having their alone time. For that reason, they are great pets if you don’t have a ton of time and are going to be gone all day. They are fine with that!

Certain breeds of cats are more affectionate. In particular, Cornish Rex, Siamese, and Bombay breeds tend to be more affectionate, so if you really want a cat that loves to cuddle, we suggest one of those breeds.

It takes a bit of time at first to potty train them, but once that is done, cats are pretty independent and don’t require a ton of maintenance. Give them food and water and toys and they will be good to go!

3. Ferrets

If you are looking for something a little less common, why not get a pet ferret? These cute furry creatures are super nice to cuddle with, but overall, don’t require a lot of maintenance!

In fact, they are pretty similar in nature to what is required to keep a rabbit. Give them a cage with some food and water and you are good to go.

A ferret is a another great animal option if you are gone for the majority of the day, as they are fine being left on their own and tend to sleep for most of the day.

When you get home they will be pretty energetic (but nothing too crazy!) Play around and cuddle with them for a few hours and they will be super happy.

4. Hamsters

The classic low maintenance pets, hamsters were the typical first pet for a child, and it makes sense why. First of all, they are incredibly cute.

Second of all, they are easy to take care of! If 5 year old you could do it, you can totally handle it now. Get them a nice cage with a water bottle, food, some toys, and of course a hamster wheel, and they will be happy little campers.

They can easily keep themselves entertained while you are away, and will be happy to play with you when you get home.

Because of their tiny size they are also a perfect pet option for small apartments. We do recommend that you keep them in a different room than you while you sleep, though, as hamsters are actually nocturnal!

5. Guinea Pigs

Finally, similar to hamsters, guinea pigs are another great low maintenance pet option that also loves to cuddle. Believe it or not, guinea pigs are actually pretty affectionate and bond nicely with their owners and love to be held and cuddled.

They’ll even lick you similar to a dog! If you want that companionship but with a lot less required maintenance, a guinea pig may be the perfect pet for you.

Guinea pigs need a cage, food, and water, plus some extra veggies to keep them nice and healthy. You can purchase the toys from the store, or even get creative with items you have around the house.

Even simple things like toilet paper tubes or small boxes can keep them entertained, making them a great pet option that isn’t just low maintenance but also very affordable.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a sweet, cuddly new best friend that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance or a ton of space, these pets are perfect to consider. Perfect if you live alone, with a roommate, or if you have children, these are great pets to consider adding to your family.

Which low maintenance pets are calling your name? Let us know!

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