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Ling’s Moment Handmade Wrist Corsage

Looking for a perfect gift for your flower girls or bridesmaids? A subtle and personalized look could be what you need to give your wedding ceremony an unexpected charm.

Instead of having the flower girls and the bridesmaids carry flowers, why don’t you gift each one of them with this lovely wrist corsage by Ling’s Moment?

This floral wrist corsage will look absolutely amazing on anyone. Not only will it complement the outfit for the day, but it’s a sweet alternative to carrying flowers, and it comes with some perks too. It’s less bulky, it keeps the hands free, and your bridal team will always have a keepsake to remind them of your big day.

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Detailed information about Ling’s Moment Handmade Wrist Corsage

It's excellently handmade from a high-quality latex foam which gives each individual corsage a fresh look of real flowers.

It has six pieces of floral arrangement which will go delicately around the wrist. The materials used include latex foam spandex, an adjustable ribbon, and rattan.

Give this corsage to your flower girl, and she will look absolutely stunning on your wedding line up.


Cute wrist corsage ideal for weddings and other occasions

Handmade using high-quality materials

It has an adjustable ribbon making it a suitable fit for any wrist size

Available in different color designs