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I Love You, Grandpa Hardcover – by Jillian Harker

Do you have a little one that only wants to spend time with his or her grandpa? You need this book! Whether you give it as a gift to your child, or as a gift to your father (that he can proudly read to his grandchild), this is an excellent gift that will bond your child and their grandpa like nothing else.

This beautiful, sweet book is all about the love that a grandfather has for his grandchild – what could be better than that? As the little one grows up, the grandfather is there to help guild them and teach them to be confident and brave, all while showing an endless amount of love.

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The message this book sends is wonderful, making it a great option to give to your little one, or to give as a baby shower gift to an expectant mother. With a great heartwarming message, anyone will enjoy reading this book with their child.

A grandparent’s love is a special type of love, and that love is so beautifully expressed in this book. Any grandfather would love to read this to his grandchild and get the chance to share how much they truly care for them.