Hot Sauce Kit by DIY Gift Kits

We all know that person that simply loves little spicy flair in almost any meal. With this product, they can prepare and enjoy their food with a spiciness and hotness on a daily level. This Hot Sauce kit is the perfect gift for people like that. The kit can make up to 7 gourmet, delicious hot sauces. Each one comes with a different taste and heat level. The kit itself features everything a person needs to make a sauce. It features gloves, ingredients, and bottles for storing. It is truly an all-inclusive kit so the user would not worry about anything missing while preparing their favorite dish.

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Detailed information about Hot Sauce Kit by DIY Gift Kits

All of the peppers included are of the highest quality. They are grown from 5th generation Pepper farmers from Boulder, CO. Not only are the pepper of high quality but are all natural and 100% GMO-free. If making 7 bottles of spicy sauce is not enough, the kit also comes with a recipe card to make many different kinds of sauces! The whole kit costs only $39.99 and there is an option for the Deluxe version which costs $49.95.