Harley-Davidson Men’s Burnished Tri-Fold Skull Wallet

Harley Davidson fans are a special group of people who will go to any lengths to demonstrate their love and loyalty for the brand. If you have a Harley in your life, you have already witnessed their ever-growing collection of Harley Davidson collectibles and merchandise.

And now a birthday or a special event of a loyal Halista is on the way, and you have no idea what to kind of gift you should shop for.

Good thing is that you already have a clue on the kind of gift that is likely to make this person beam with excitement- licensed Harley Davidson goods!

Our search for a suitable Harley Davidson gift brought us to this Tri-Fold men’s wallet with Willie G Skull logo.

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Detailed information about Harley-Davidson Men’s Burnished Tri-Fold Skull Wallet

We can’t talk of Harley Davidson fans without mentioning their outdoor nature. They are always on the move with their bikes, and this means they need to have with them some of their most personal essentials like credit cards, IDS, and so on.

They need a functional wallet for this stuff. But remember, a man's wallet is not just all about functionality. It has to be fashionable and reflect his style and personality. This Harley Davidson wallet ticks the box.

For starters, it's a tri-fold style wallet, which means it has more slots for credit cards and IDS. It has one slot for ID and other 8 slots for credit cards.

In addition, it offers him a separate compartment to store money bills and notes and an open back pocket which can be used to store business cards.


A quality wallet made from 100% genuine leather

Features Willie G Skull

It’s a tri-fold style wallet