Granny Bella’s Cookie Gift Baskets

Nothing tastes quite like homemade cookies and when they are made by a professional artisan baker they can taste even better. These are really scrumptious cookies that a person can eat without slaving away over a mixing bowl. Granny Bella’s Cookie Gift Baskets contain 52 delicious handmade gourmet cookies. They are all made with care using an old family recipe.

The result is a delicious cookie that is crisp when bitten and yet melts in the mouth. What more can you ask?

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Detailed information about Granny Bella’s Cookie Gift Baskets

All these cookies are handmade and as fresh as the baker can make them. There are no artificial ingredients so you can be sure that when you serve them to your family or guests on Halloween, Hanukah, Thanksgiving or just for an informal family gathering, the cookies will be made from ingredients that you would not be ashamed to have in your own kitchen.

The cookies are presented in a beautiful gift box with a ribbon and bow to really look like the top quality product that they are. You can give them for a birthday gift or for the family at Christmas. Give them as a condolence or sympathy gift or even as a ‘get well soon’ present. Give them to anyone who enjoys quality hand-baked cookies such as your spouse, your boss, your parents or grandparents. This would make a perfect gift for a housewarming or as a hostess gift.


These Granny Bella’s Cookies are some of the best homemade style cookies you can find

There are 52 cookies presented in this wonderful gift box

There are seven different flavors included in the box, each one lovingly made with care

You cannot beat a high-quality artisan baked cookie and this is a box that is full of them