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Gentlemen’s Hardware Stainless Steel Fishing Pocket Penknife

Gentlemen’s Hardware has a stunning collection of tools and outdoor products for the outdoorsman or woman and the same goes for this fish-shaped penknife. The perfect small knife to keep on you in case you need it especially while out hiking or fishing or spending time outdoors, this is exactly what you need, and best of all, it comes with a carabiner clip so that it can easily attach to your keys!

Specs: This penknife is made of stainless steel and the fish-shaped handle of the knife has a gold-colored coating to give it a nice effect. The penknife comes in a nice tin box, perfect for storing and even better for gifting. The penknife itself measures 3.25 inches long and has a 2.5 inch blade. The end features a carabiner clip so that you can easily attach to keys or anything else with a loop in order to carry with you easily.

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift because of the presentation. The storage tin is perfect for putting on display, and the unique fish shape of the penknife makes it a perfect gift for anyone who loves fishing and loves the outdoors. Thankfully, the penknife doesn’t just look nice, it’s also incredibly practical and the perfect portable knife that any outdoorsman who loves to add to his collection!

What we like: We really like the addition of the carabiner clip – too often small pocketknives are inconvenient to carry and can easily slip out of pockets. This clip will ensure your knife stays with you! We also really like the gold handle and fish design – it is so unique and sure to be enjoyed by whoever receives this as a gift.

What we don’t like: This is a very small knife with only a 2.5 inch blade, which is not necessarily a bad thing but just something to keep in mind, it will probably feel a bit smaller in person than it may look in pictures.

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Fish design

Stainless steel

Carabiner clip included


Very small blade