Ferrero Rocher Heart Gift Box

Ferrero Rocher gives us 16 decadent reasons to love giving and receiving gifts. This beautiful golden heart is stuffed with 16 delicious chocolate and hazelnutty bites of sumptuous goodness.

What a totally decadent way to say “Thank you”, “I love you” or “I care”. No matter what the message is, these chocolate and hazelnut treats from Ferrero Rocher will say it eloquently and perfectly.

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Detailed information about Ferrero Rocher Heart Gift Box

There is just something elegant and sophisticated about these delectable confections and giving these as a gift during the holidays or anytime at all is certain to make a favorable impression.

It should also be noted that these creamy creations are guaranteed to be kosher (OU dairy) and additionally are peanut free.

As stated above, they are each wrapped in the classic Ferrero Rocher gold foil and then placed into their own individual indentations inside of the box. This ensures that there is no breakage during shipping, so each confection is as perfect as the next. They are then covered with the top of the beautiful heart-shaped box that is once again a lovely golden color.


Each gift heart contains 16 individually wrapped candies

Beautifully boxed for the perfect gift

Makes a wonderful gift for the holidays or Valentine’s day

Certified kosher (OU dairy) and peanut free