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Fantastic Tees Hawkins Middle School AV Club Shirt

This Hawkins Middle School AV Club T-shirt a must-have for any Stranger Things fan. An easy gift to give that will be even easier to receive!

While some may not get the Hawkins AV Club logo, anyone who has followed the goings on of Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven will be sure to get the significance of it right away. The AV club is a safe haven for nerds, and our group of misfits feels right at home there.  In the AV room, our favorite characters can release their inner nerd without fear of reprisal from school bullies. Additionally, it is there that the friends can always count on a bit of much-needed help from their beloved science teacher and leader of the AV club, Mr. Clarke. When the group has a question about a “science project” meant to aid them in their search for their missing friend Will, Mr. Clarke consistently, albeit unwittingly, supplies the pertinent information that they need.

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Oh boy, if he only knew what those young people were really up to! Also, it is Mr. Clarke who provides the ham radio that is vital in Eleven being able to use her special powers to contact the “Upside Down” in an effort to save Will Byers from certain death and the town of Hawkins from total destruction. This unique fashion statement sure conveys a lot of information with very few words.

This stylish top comes in ten different colors and eight sizes, so finding the perfect top for every Stranger Things fan on your gift list could not be easier. You will find the right size and color for anyone, male or female, old or young!

  • Cotton (100%) with silkscreened graphics
  • Comes in ten colors and eight sizes
  • High quality
  • Printed in the USA