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Funko Pop Stranger Things Eleven with Eggos

Eleven sure does love her Eggos and Funko Pop has not forgotten to add them to this adorable collectible doll! This detailed and adorable vinyl figurine is sure to have a prominent place in your television room, bedroom, den, or any room for that matter.

From the shaved head to the athletic socks and the bloody nose, the identifying elements that you have come to expect from Stranger Things and Eleven from the first season are all there.

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Detailed information about Funko Pop Stranger Things Eleven with Eggos

The amount of detail in this little collectible is amazing. Eleven holding on tightly to her favorite food (Eggos), the outfit that she wore most of season one right down to the green and gold socks, high top sneakers, and the dress that the boys “borrowed” from Mike’s sister Nancy, this collectible has it all.

She even has the bloody nose that seems to plague Eleven every time she needs to use her special powers for a bigger job!

Additionally, given the smaller size, you can collect the entire set of Stranger Things figurines without them taking up too much space. Imagine, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and all the rest lined up ready to take on the Demogorgon in your very own home!

  • Collectible figure is 3.75 inches tall
  • Eleven figurine comes already packaged in a clear box for display
  • The perfect addition to your Stranger Things collection or gift for the Stranger Things fan in your life