Do Some GOOD With Your Unwanted Gifts!

A third of Brits admit to keeping unwanted Christmas gifts unused/unworn in the cupboards at home. That’s according to our recent study on Christmas shopping and gifting habits in the UK.

A further 23% admit to regifting their unwanted presents, while 20% have returned a gift and 19% have sold one on eBay.

But there’s a better way.

If one third of over 16s in the UK keep just one unwanted gift in the packaging unused in a cupboard, that amounts to over a million gifts sitting in storage wastefully after each Christmas in the UK alone.

Imagine if we could actually do something great with the gifts we don’t want or need ourselves.

Well, we can!

Donate Unwanted Christmas Gifts to Charity!

Don’t let perfectly good items waste away in your cupboards at home. You can donate goods to many charities in the UK.

Despite the fact it’s really simple to do, fewer than 44% of us have previously done so, according to a survey we carried out amongst 500 adults in the UK in December 2018:

donate gifts to charity

We’ve compiled a list of some of them right here.

Here’s how to go about it.

Pop into a local charity shop

Perhaps you have a favourite charity or maybe you just want to see the shops closest to you. There’s a free and easy to use charity shop finder at

Pop in your location and it will return charity shops within 5 miles. So you can simply pop in and donate the items you have.

charity shop finder uk

Have items collected

Some charities, including the British Heart Foundation, will often arrange to collect items from you. So not only could you donate your unwanted Christmas gifts this way, but you could also have a clear out and donate any other items in your home that are in great condition but are going unused.


Get together with your colleagues, friends or a local group and sell for charity

Ok, so we admit this one takes a little bit more effort! But the average person has more than 150 Facebook friends. Based on our findings, 50 of them are likely to have an unwanted gift sitting in a cupboard.

Get together and hold a sale (either in person at a local community centre or similar) or arrange a group sale online and donate the takings to your chosen charity.

Don’t leave great items sitting in cupboards

Don’t let brand new items sit in your cupboards unused. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and by donating an item to charity, you can make the world just a tiny little bit better for someone – one gift at a time.

If you represent a UK charity who is accepting unwanted Christmas gift donations and you’d like to be added to our list, please contact
[email protected]

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