Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails by David Kaplan

With the art of craft cocktails on the rise and more in demand than ever, this timely and informative book should be on the shelf as the go-to reference of every bartender, whether a seasoned professional or a simply a home aficionado, this book is an absolute necessity for your libation library. Death & Co. is the name of the club that largely responsible for the movement towards craft cocktails and is responsible for the writing, the recipes, and the release of this quintessential book on the subject.

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Detailed information about Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails by David Kaplan

Founded in 2006, the prestigious Death & Co. establishment has been at the forefront of the craft cocktail evolution, winning numerous awards along the way. At the Tales of the Cocktail Convention held annually in New Orleans, Death & Co. was awarded the “Best Cocktail Menu” award along with the coveted “America’s Best Cocktail Bar” award. They have clearly become the industry standard in regards to the forward momentum of the craft cocktail.

You will also find a collection of over five hundred of the clubs most sought-after drink recipes, along with detailed instructions on the preparation of each one. This book is also a guide on how to purchase spirits, what to know and what to look for, as well as how to use all types of alcohol to their best advantage. Along with the recipe guide, this product is also a basic tutorial on barkeeping and some of the tricks of the trade that everyone could use.


Available in hardcover or in Kindle E-book format

Educational as well as a great “how to” recipe guide for many of the bars most celebrated drinks

A must-have reference for all bartenders and club owners