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2018 Graduation Gift Necklace – Congrats Grad

This year, you probably know of someone that is about to graduate. It might be a task to find something suitable, especially for girls. But, jewelry pieces will never disappoint. Most of them come engraved and pass a message you will hardly get the chance to say.

Jolly Life makes it easy for you to hit two birds using one stone. That is communicating a special message and gifting someone special. This necklace has all that in it. It makes a lovely graduation gift for the ladies in your life that are about to graduate this year.

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Detailed information about 2018 Graduation Gift Necklace – Congrats Grad

The bracelet comes with three attached pendants. One has the shape of a love heart and a small engraving of a graduation hat. The other has a ‘2018’ label in numbers which shows the year of graduation. The last and most essential pendant features an inspirational message that would mean so much to the recipient.

The necklace is made of quality stainless steel and has a smooth top finish to last long. It measures 18 inches in circumference and has an additional 1.5 inches to allow adjustments. It is ideal to wear with any color of the outfit and still look amazing. Each pendant is free, and you can remove one or keep all at the same time.