Custom Embroidered Name Pink Fleece Blanket

Do you have an upcoming baby shower that you are planning to attend? Well, if it is the case, it means you need to get a suitable gift for the baby that’s on the way. One of the items that come in handy for baby showers and baby gifts happen to be shawls and fleece blankets.

This particular one from Fantastic deal can be what you have been looking for. It is designed for the little angels’ comfort and warmth. The blanket can be a lovely gift idea for a new mom as a baby shower gift or a visit after the birth of the child.

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Detailed information about Custom Embroidered Name Pink Fleece Blanket

The blanket is available for customization with the baby's name or initials. This feature transforms the blanket from the usual to a unique piece for a specific baby. One is required to pick the thread color and font that will be most suitable depending on the preference. The stitch is of high quality and is carefully done to ensure it lasts as long as the blanket serves.

The blanket is made of quality micro-fleece that is designed for softness. It feels smooth on the skin, and this makes it ideal for babies as young as a day old. The blanket has a soft finish and does not pill retaining the texture as smooth as needed for babies. The good thing is that this fleece blanket looks and feels great after every wash.

One detail that stands out from the usual designs of fleece blankets is the satin trim finish on the edges of the blanket. This detail gives it that extra touch of style and luxury. All these features plus the personalized aspect takes the blanket on top of the list as a baby gift.