Bee Seasonal Certified Organic Raw Honey – Varietal Gift Set

We all know the popular saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but to tell you the truth, whether you are a man or a woman, young and old, food is still the way to your heart. A nice bowl of hearty soup makes a long, exhausting day suddenly bearable. A simple chocolate cake to celebrate your birthday or anniversary instantly makes the day more special and meaningful. Quite simply, food makes everyone happy.

That is why we think anything related to eating is a good idea for a gift if you can’t come up with something or just want to give your special someone something different and functional. But we are not just talking about any food, we are talking about what goes into the food that makes it extra tasty and depending on what you make, healthy. Presenting the Certified Organic Raw Honey Varietal Gift from Bee Seasonal.

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Detailed information about Bee Seasonal Certified Organic Raw Honey – Varietal Gift Set

The 4 honey varieties that come in this set are:

  • Angico: Brazilian Acacia: a golden, light-colored honey that has a hint of floral, fruity and tropical blossom notes and tastes of gummy bears, pineapple, mango and tropical fruits
  • Aroeira Brazilian Pink Pepper: a brownish red honey with a combination of nutmeg, anis, cardamom and black pepper aroma and tastes of rose hip marmalade, marshmallow and dried fruits
  • Marmeleiro: a slightly fruity, yellow gold honey that is citrusy and waxy
  • Silvestre: a dark orange, aromatic honey that tastes of orange peel, is herbaceous and floral at the same time

Comes in a few varieties

Perfect for any occasion

Great substitute for sugar