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Auntie’s Sippy Cup Stainless Steel Tumbler with 2 Lids and Straws

What aunt wouldn’t be thrilled to own this stainless steel sippy cup? This environmentally friendly insulated tumbler is the perfect gift for any awesome aunt, adopted or otherwise.

Where would we be without that favorite aunt by our side? The tumbler is a great way to let her know that she means the world each and every time she pours a cup of coffee, iced tea, or maybe even a bit of wine.

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Detailed information about Auntie’s Sippy Cup Stainless Steel Tumbler with 2 Lids and Straws

This is a gift that a person can feel good about giving as well as receiving. This environmentally friendly stainless steel insulated cup makes protecting the planet a priority.

From the BPA (bisphenol A) free lids to the reusable stainless steel straws, the tumbler manages to keep its carbon footprint small while consistently delivering piping hot or frosty cold beverages with ease.

Now add the “Auntie’s Sippy Cup” printed on the front of this cup and it becomes the perfect gift for that champion of nieces and nephews everywhere, the auntie.

We all know how much having that special aunt around means. She is always there to protect, vouch for, and love her nieces and nephews.

She will go to bat with parents for an extended curfew, and she can be told an adolescent’s deepest secrets without the fear of her spilling the beans.

She can intervene and act as a liaison, make a family reunion survivable, and have the greatest sleepovers imaginable.


Made from stainless steel that is super insulated to keep drinks icy cold or piping hot

Comes with an extra plastic lid and extra stainless steel straw

Tumbler holds 30 ounces of hot or cold liquid