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Bird-Opoly Boardgame

Looking for an unusual gift for a dedicated bird watcher or nature lover? Maybe something out of the ordinary for someone who loves their board games and has to try them all.

This is not only a unique gift but one that promises many evenings of pure pleasure no matter who receives it.

Bird-Opoly is a multiplayer board game that is sure to bring hours of delight, whether they love to watch and identify birds or not.

This game, played in the traditional Monopoly style, features fun-filled bits of bird wisdom along with a colorful gameboard replete with brightly colored pictures of Mother Nature’s finest feathered specimens.

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Detailed information about Bird-Opoly Boardgame

Each space on the avian centered playing board is related in some way to our feathered friends. The familiar tokens have been replaced by such fun feathered friend-related items as a worm, binoculars, a birdbath and more.

The traditional Chance and Community Chest cards, Go to Jail Space and Free Parking have all been replaced by such things as “Bird Calling” and “Bird Watching”, Flight School and more feathery additions.

A player can find themselves grounded or being sent to flight school, and the dreaded income tax space has changed to be a bit more avian-related and the player will be paying “Nesting Fees” on all of their properties.


Totally bird-centric Monopoly-type board game

Learn facts about our fine feathered friends while playing

Designed for two to six players