Alice “Drink Me” Flask Hollow Book

When selecting a gift for a friend, you want to get them something unique and which will spike some memories of you together. If you spend time with your friends holding parties, drinking up through the night or catching a glass of wine in the evenings, then you ought to get them something fun.

Why not choose a portable flask. Your friends can carry their favorite drinks around when you go on a trip or keep one in their backpack when thirst checks in. This creative flask idea from Book Rooks will have you want all your friends to own one of the books.

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Detailed information about Alice “Drink Me” Flask Hollow Book

How does it even work? From the exterior, the item is merely a book, sort of a diary with a silk bookmark attached. It has all-around leather binding to last long and withstand wear and tear. The first 20 pages of the book are printed and have readable text. Then comes the fun part where the book has a hollow area on the other pages. This hollow surface is meant to fit an 8.5 glass flask.

The book has a sturdy magnetic closure which prevents the flask from falling off or breaking. The package comes with the bottle with an optional custom etching. The etching is permanent and will not chip or wear off after prolonged use. Also, the flask has a ‘Drink me' tag included, and simple customization makes it a suitable gift for anyone.