Wilderness Essays Hardcover – by John Muir

Outdoorsmen love nature and all that comes with it. They are adventurous, and their idea of having fun is out there exploring and discovering the marvels and beauty of nature. You are probably wondering what kind of gift will please the outdoor enthusiast in your life. Why not support their passion for outdoor activities by getting them this book by John Muir titled Wilderness Essays?

Even from the title itself, you will outrightly know that a reader is out to get some interesting facts and details about nature. This is the kind of book that elicits joyous emotion from an outdoorsman whose passion for the great outdoors is unrivaled.

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Detailed information about Wilderness Essays Hardcover – by John Muir

This book explores the connection and the relationship between nature and humans. It's a beautiful compilation of John Muir's experiences and connection with the natural world. All the essays explore the different trips and amazing nature walk that he took during his time while discovering the wonders of the wild. The essays cover lots of places from Alaska and beautifully goes all the way to Yosemite.

John Muir was a naturist, and he strongly and passionately advocated for the preservation of nature and its wilderness in the USA. He was and still is a power to reckon with. He moves readers and still manages to steer them to appreciate the goodness and the wonders that nature has provided for us in abundance.


John Muir was a legendary naturalist

The book is available in different formats including hardcover, paperback, and kindle

A fantastic read for an outdoor enthusiast