Virtual Laser Holographic Mouse

It is a fact that the computer mouse hasn’t really changed much since it was first invented in 1968. It has always been a palm-sized control that has been connected to the computer by either a cable or by Bluetooth. Nowadays we have something a bit different that could only be made possible by technical advances in laser and motion sensing technology.

This mouse from Serafim is the World’s first projection mouse or trackpad and will complement perfectly with a virtual keyboard.

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Detailed information about Virtual Laser Holographic Mouse

The Odin weighs only 40g and is easily slipped inside a pocket or a rucksack pouch. It is also completely compatible with Windows PCs, Mac, laptops and Android tablets. As long as the computer has a USB port then Odin can replace the traditional mouse.

Odin projects a trackpad outline onto a flat surface such as a table (it doesn’t matter what color the surface is or what it is made from). Once the user has the working area then it is just a matter of finger gestures in those areas to operate the computer just as if it were a traditional mouse.

In fact, because Odin relies on finger gestures rather than button clicks it is possible to incorporate touchscreen gestures within the workspace as well. It is possible to move the cursor, left and right click, scroll, drag and zoom in and out. There is also a special projected rune button that allows the user to define its purpose. The projection working area is about 80mm x 80mm with the light source being a red and infrared laser diode. The Odin draws 500mA, 5V from the computer via the USB 2.0 interface.


This is the world’s first holographic virtual mouse trackpad

The virtual mouse is compatible with all Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems, as long as the device has a USB connection

Uses hardly any energy

Uses motion sensing technology to combine regular mouse controls and touchscreen controls into one system