Survival Gear Kit

All the emergency services recommend that every driver keeps a first aid kit in the car in case of emergency, but that’s not all. Have you ever thought about keeping a survival kit in there too? There are so many situations in which anyone could easily find themselves and which could be made so much more comfortable for you and your companions. It is a wonder that a survival kit in a car hasn’t been made compulsory yet.

This survival gear kit from TRSCIND contains just about everything that anyone could possibly need if they were cut off from civilization for more than one day.

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Detailed information about Survival Gear Kit

Apart from the handy zippered pouch, the kit includes: a survival bracelet incorporating a fire starter, whistle, compass, and fishing line & lure; a multiuse spoon & fork incorporating a bottle opener, scraper and saw; a tungsten steel pen able to write on just about anything and hard enough to smash car glass; a cold steel military knife; a silvered mylar emergency blanket; a flashlight with multiple settings, very bright, bright, dimmed, strobe and SOS; Flintstone and scraper; water bottle clip; and credit card size multitool incorporating can opener, various sized wrenches, screwdriver, knife blade; a wire saw for cutting wood up to 3”.


Everything you could think of to stay safe

The pouch is small enough to fit in the car glove box, a rucksack or mount onto a waist belt