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Sterling Silver Double-Heart ‘Aunts Like You’ Necklace

An extra special aunt deserves a gift that lets them know how important they are, and this beautiful and meaningful double heart pendant necklace is the perfect way to tell her that she is important and loved.

The piece of jewelry would make a great gift for that special aunt for her birthday or Christmas, and because an awesome aunt is like having another mother (only way cooler!) this pendant necklace would also be a great way to tell her that she is loved on Mother’s Day.

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Detailed information about Sterling Silver Double-Heart ‘Aunts Like You’ Necklace

An aunt is in some ways the perfect family member; she makes the perfect confidant, willing to keep secrets for their nieces and nephews (providing no one gets hurt of course), caring enough to steer the younger generation delicately toward the right decisions, and able to go to bat for them with their parents when the need arises.

Growing up is significantly easier and vastly more interesting when a child has a fun, smart, and sometimes a little crazy aunt working as their “wing-woman”.

This beautiful pendant necklace for aunties is the perfect way to let her know that she is the best aunt ever and that her love and support has meant the world.

The 0.925 sterling silver heart pendant has two hearts contained within a single circle.


Made from 0.925 bright and lovely sterling silver

Two hearts held within a circle engraved with the sentiment “Aunts Like You Are Precious and Few”

Pendant suspended from a box type chain that measures 18 inches long