Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set

What do you buy for someone whose passion is yoga? Simple, this “Health and Fitness Yoga Set” from Sivan Health and Fitness contains just about everything that someone would need to do yoga and to keep fit.  It is a six piece set and includes one  0.5” NBR Yoga Mat; one yoga mat towel; two yoga blocks; one yoga strap and one yoga hand towel (measuring about 30” x 20”).

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Detailed information about Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set

The 0.5” x 71” x 24” yoga mat is made from memory foam and has one ribbed surface and one smooth surface. It is probably one of the thickest yoga mats available to buy commercially. The ribbed surface will grip the floor to prevent the mat from slipping; it is big enough to accommodate most adult sizes and adds comfort to ground level exercises. It also incorporates a handy carrying strap.

The two foam yoga blocks will provide balance and support while the yoga strap (78” long) will allow better body extension. The yoga mat towel (68” x 24”) and the hand towel (30” x 20”) are made from specially designed microfibers to provide great absorption properties so that the mat towel is non-slip while the hand towel has great sweat absorption properties during workouts.


This is a purpose made, six-piece health and fitness set

The yoga mat is probably the thickest mat on the market and is made from high impact memory foam

The set is available in eight different colors, so there will be at least one type to complement her outfit

This is everything that someone would need to properly take part in yoga type exercises.