Running Necklace – Disc Sport Pendant

Choosing a pendant necklace for a woman who enjoys a sport is an athlete and especially who likes to run is a difficult job. You need to choose something that is relevant to her interests, that is strong, sturdy and won’t easily break with the continual motion when pounding the road and perhaps, more importantly, something that won’t be affected by salty perspiration which can cause corrosion and other chemical reactions in other lower quality metals.

This necklace from Jdesign is really simply designed yet so stylish and effective.

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Detailed information about Running Necklace – Disc Sport Pendant

The necklace has a stainless steel small link chain onto which hangs a disc with just one simple word engraved onto the surface ‘run’. The brushed matte surface of the stainless steel disc looks so stylish and not like other cheaper necklaces. The disc is 100% stainless steel and is completely lead-free and nickel free so that you can be sure it won’t react with and discolor the wearer’s skin or stain her clothes.

Also, the metal is completely non-toxic so won’t cause any adverse health effects or cause any allergic reactions. The manufacturer is so confident that you will be pleased with their product that they offer a 90-day money back guarantee or you can exchange the necklace for another.


This is a pretty little pendant necklace yet one that is hard and sturdy and made from rustproof stainless steel

The disc pendant is simple and elegant and gives the inspirational message in just one word

The message card that comes with the necklace holds a message that will inspire any woman to do her best

The engraved word on the disc is done with skill

The disc is 100% stainless steel and is completely lead and nickel free