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Paris Selection – Father of the Bride Tie Bar

It is no secret that some (or most, even) dads are not the type to put their feelings on blast for everyone to see. He chooses to keep his emotions private – whether he is proud, sad or happy, you get a little smile or nod – even if that gives him away a little bit.

If this sounds a lot like your father, then you are probably scratching your head wondering how to make him feel special and show a little bit more of himself on your wedding day. Well, we found the perfect gift in this ‘Tie Bar Wedding Gift’ specifically made for the father of the bride.

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Detailed information about Paris Selection – Father of the Bride Tie Bar

This is the best present to give to a dad who is subtle, reserved or shy. It is a special way to express your love for the first man in your life and show how important he is to you.

The clip is made of stainless steel so you do not have to worry about it rusting. The Tie Bar has the phrase “Father of the Bride” imprinted on it in black which gives it a classy and personalized feel.


Easy to carry around

Stainless steel that doesn't rust

Lightweight but strong