Motion Activated Candy Dispenser

Do you have a home or work office where there are kids (or fun adults) that visit on a regular basis? Or maybe you are looking to add some fun to your home, office, or study. You might be a college kid looking for a fun piece to add to your first dorm room or apartment. No matter the reason this motion-activated candy dispenser will be a hit. There is no germ transfer because the candy dispenser is motion activated. This is great if you work in a school setting or one with a lot of kids. You can preset it to four different dispensing amounts so you have control over the amount taken.

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Detailed information about Motion Activated Candy Dispenser

This way they can’t empty the whole thing in one go. Or you can adjust based on whether you have kids or adults using it more. The lid is removable so you can fill from the top making it harder to spill. The dispenser itself is 10 inches by 10 inches by 18 inches and is 2.1 pounds.