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Monkey Business Write On Icing Decorating Tool

Does your partner enjoy baking and producing quality cakes? Do they try to pipe icing or frosting onto the top of the cakes but fail miserably to get a decent decoration? Then why not buy your loved one this Write On Icing Decorating Tool from Monkey Business.

This clever and useful decorating tool looks like an oversize pencil and writes like one too. Just fill it with the frosting of your choice, whether it is melted chocolate, caramel or colored sugar frosting the principle is just the same.

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Detailed information about Monkey Business Write On Icing Decorating Tool

The tool is made from food grade silicone so it is safe for contact with food products. All that the user does is to push the tip into the bowl of frosting or sauce, pull the plunger to suck it up into the tool. When the body is filled with the chosen frosting, just squeeze the tool and write as if it were a pen or pencil. This product makes piping letters and pictures onto cakes such an easy job. Just like a pencil, this tool is perfect for both right and left handed users.

But it’s not only sweet sauces that can be used. How about trying these to liven up a savory meal?  Pipe gravy onto mashed or baked potatoes; Make fun shaped pancakes; add the swirly shapes and curlicues of gravy or sauce onto a plate like the master chefs do; pipe mashed potato or oatmeal. The list is as long as the user’s imagination is wide.


Made from food grade silicone

Safe to clean in an automatic dishwasher

Its uses are limited only by the imagination

Suitable for sweet or savory sauces or even arts and crafts materials