My Michelle Big Girls’ Crochet Dress

Every girl’s wardrobe needs something classy that can be worn at formal events. But, with all the beautiful, sparkly dresses out there sometimes it can be hard to choose the perfect one. That’s why My Michelle has designed a crochet, high low dress which looks fabulous at any party or formal gathering! It’s a fantastic gift for any teenage girl that needs something a little classier to wear.

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Detailed information about My Michelle Big Girls’ Crochet Dress

Made from 100% polyester this dress stretchy, soft and comfortable to wear, which is hard to say about most formal dresses. Often times they’re super tight or have edges that are scratchy and uncomfortable. But not this dress! The material around the arms and neck is made so rashes and scratches don’t happen even after wearing the dress for a long time. The front features a crocheted top with a jeweled waistband for extra glitz and glamor. While the skirt is made of sheer material and cut in an A-line fashion. This means that it’s shorter in the front and longer in the back, a style which is becoming very popular these days. The back has a small opening at the top and a thing string to tie the dress tighter if need be.