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Lucky Feather Sterling Silver Dipped Maid of Honor Necklace

After all the dancing, eating and merrymaking of a wedding, it is essential to appreciate the people that made the day a success. These are part of a memory that you will keep for years and so deserve a treat. While you may not go gifting everyone that attended the wedding, the maid of honor deserves special recognition and appreciation.

A simple jewelry gift such as this necklace from Lucky feather will put a smile on her face. The thought counts as much as the necklace and this will melt her heart. Again, she gets to keep the chain for ages with a memory of the good times you shared.

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Detailed information about Lucky Feather Sterling Silver Dipped Maid of Honor Necklace

The necklace comes with best wishes for the friend that played the maid of honor role on the big day. It can come across as a simple gift, but the words have quite some weight with a deeper meaning.

The necklace features 16 inches to 18 inches adjustable chain length to ensure the right fit. Also, it has a sterling silver dipped wishbone to wish her luck as she goes about her daily routines. More on the design, there is a crystal accent stone which appoints one of the wishbone's forks. This detail dazzles and will catch attention as she wears it.

  • Glossy necklace
  • Lovely message on the card
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Couldn’t find any