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MOOKOO Bridemaid Love Knot Bracelets Set

Congratulations on the engagement! We can only imagine the whirlwind of emotions you must be feeling right now – between the realization that very soon you will be a Mrs.

And planning your wedding at the same time, your head must be exploding from all of it! But do not worry, we are here to help ease your mind a little bit when it comes to giving a gift to your most important girls – your bridesmaids. Oh, what would you do without them!

These ladies have been there through thick and thin, so it should be a given that they are rewarded with tangible trinkets to make them also feel special on your wedding.

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Detailed information about MOOKOO Bridemaid Love Knot Bracelets Set

After all, they are there to make your wedding more fun and magical for you. But if you are strictly on a budget (we don’t blame you, weddings can be expensive) or you are more into the minimalist, thrifty style that is all the rage right now, then you should not really spend top dollar on your giveaways.

We would also like to point out that you do not need to buy something expensive to get something high quality and beautiful.

Case in point: this bridesmaid loot bag set from Mookoo will make the perfect bridesmaid gift.




Set comes in 9 bags, 1 for the bride and 8 for bridesmaids