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Fix & Fogg Honey Peanut Butter

The Fix & Fogg peanut butter is a delightful pleasure that would make a perfect food gift especially to a foodie. It’s awesome; it’s tasty, it’s delicious, its all the good things combined. Anyone who receives this peanut butter will definitely come back for more. They will probably praise it so much you might have to order one for yourself!

But what makes this peanut butter a perfect choice? This golden roasted crunchy peanut butter is made from a blend of the best Argentinean hi-oleic peanuts and the finest organic raw Beechwood honey which is richly dark with malty goodness. The result is sweet-salty peanut butter that no one can get enough of. It’s made with a difference that will be apparent to anyone who gets to have a taste of it.

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Detailed information about Fix & Fogg Honey Peanut Butter

This tasty golden roasted peanut butter is naturally sweetened. Each glass jar contains about 13.2oz of the crunchy and delicious peanut butter and its seasoned with a pinch of sea salt. It has an excellent consistency with a subtle honey flavor which gives the peanut a distinct taste that is simply hard to forget. This delicious Fix and Fogg peanut butter can be spread delightfully on sandwiches, it can be layered on toasts, in salad dressing, it can elevate oats, and it can also be added on smoothies.

Breakfast bowl will never be the same with a taste of this super delicious crunchy peanut butter. It also tastes great on toast with sliced banana, on desserts and it would be amazingly good when stirred delightfully in vanilla ice-cream or rolled deliciously into sweet-tasting bliss balls. It's surprisingly good on its own, just a spoonful and the taste is amazingly wonderful.


The peanut butter is naturally sweetened

Made with 100% natural ingredients

It's GMO-free

Packaged in a beautifully designed reusable cardboard canister