Doughnut Earrings

Let’s face it girls sometimes just like fun or cute jewelry. Maybe a unicorn bracelet or a clown face ring does the trick for your young one. If that is so then we can guarantee that she will like these ultra-realistic doughnut ear rings. And when we say ultra-realistic we mean just that. These little stud earrings look so tasty, they look good enough to eat.

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Detailed information about Doughnut Earrings

The chocolate glazed Doughnut Ear rings with Hand Cut sprinkles from Polina Creations are earrings in the USA in Polina’s very own studio. They are made by hand using polymer clay and hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel studs. You will certainly be pleased that only surgical stainless steel will be in contact with her sensitive little ears so there won’t be any rashes or itching from the piercings.

The doughnuts look so real that your loved one might be tempted to take a bite, especially with the realistic sprinkles as well.


Each chocolate iced doughnut with sprinkles is handmade so is different from any other

The doughnut is made by hand using Polymer Clay; whereas the studs earrings from hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel

Each piece is made by hand in USA and arrives in a lovely patterned eco-friendly gift box