Daddy’s Tools of the Trade – Diaper Changing Tool Belt

When the new baby arrives, daddy often feels left out until he can start to help with baby properly. You must buy him this cute yet handy tool belt that is designed to hold just about everything he needs to change the diaper and ensure baby is clean and dry once again.

“Daddy’s Tools of the Trade” is a fantastic collection of diaper changing tools and accessories contained within a waist apron style tool belt. This clever item is made by Best Baby Shower Inc., the company that sells many other products suitable for the new baby.

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Detailed information about Daddy’s Tools of the Trade – Diaper Changing Tool Belt

The tool belt itself is made from fabric and contains three pockets in which he will find a disposable changing pad, travel size baby powder, travel size diaper cream, safety goggles, disposable gloves, a travel size bottle of hand sanitiser but best of all there is a toy to keep baby distracted while the major diaper changing operation takes place.

You should always be aware that other similar products may not always have the same high quality and good value items that this one does. The tool belt itself measures approximately 17” x 18.8” x 1.5” and weighs about 9.6oz. It has a strap just like real tool belts that can be tied around the waist.


The Diaper Changing Tool belt contains just about everything daddy needs to change baby’s diaper

Contains eye protection because you know what baby boys do when the diaper is removed

Contains disposable gloves and hand sanitiser, items that other imitations often omit

When the changing items have been used up, it is easy to buy more to replace