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“But First Coffee” Keychain

What can you buy that would be an original gift for a coffee lover? Don’t say a special mug because if your friend is a real coffee lover then they probably already have as many different cups and mugs as they can cope with. Why not try this unique little gift instead? This little coffee themed keychain will show off their love of the coffee bean without using up even more room in the crockery cupboard.

This coffee lover’s ideal gift is a keychain with a tag in the shape of a coffee cup showing the engraved message “But First, Coffee”. It is sold by the South Creek Trading Company and will be a constant reminder when they get their keys out that they need their caffeine fix. It can be when they unlock a door, start the car or unlock the bike, wherever they are, they will need a coffee.

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Detailed information about “But First Coffee” Keychain

This little keychain just oozes quality. Both the tag and the ring are in a bronze colored finish and the tag itself is really heavy for its size. The coffee cup tag is already engraved with the slogan on one side but the other side is blank and smooth and just right for having a personal private message engraved before you give this to your loved one. The customized keychain will be something they can cherish for many years to come and it is useful as well.

This is a perfect gift for men or women coffee lovers who will appreciate the humor of the message and love the thoughtfulness of this clever little gift idea.


Useful little keychain with a funny yet true caption engraved on the tab

Heavy and good quality keychain just right for carrying in a pocket or a bag

Suitable for giving to your coffee loving friend or loved one at any time of the year