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Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

We all know someone who gets a kick reading comical horror storybooks.  You probably never get to understand their obsession with the creepy and spooky tales, but nevertheless, they seem to enjoy them. If you have such a book lover in your life, they are bound to enjoy reading this fantastic horror comic book titled Through the Woods by Emily Carroll. The book was published in 2014, and it’s on the list of the bestseller’s books with lots of positive reviews from avid readers.

The author takes the reader through the terrifying dark world in the woods with a collection of five beautiful stories with hauntingly horrifying graphics. The reader will enjoy reading the fairy tales which the author has created with lots humor to give the book a comical relief through the eerie, creepy adventures.

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Detailed information about Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll has written this book with simplicity and a subtle tone but still manages to get the reader wittingly with the terrifying graphics, vivid colors, and entertaining fairy tales.

The compelling journey Through the Woods features four spooky collections. The four-fairy tales takes the reader to "Our Neighbor's House" where they find out that coming back is a huge problem.  Or the bride who holds a horrifying secret in the tale "A Lady's Hands Are Cold." The reader will try to find "My friend Janna" to see what haunts her. But the tale gets spookier and more terrifying when they realize that the brother's fiancée is actually not who she seems to be in "The Nesting Place." But what caps up this funny, horrifying book is when the reader gets to see the horrors of “His face All red."


Available in hardcover format

Beautifully written with a collection of four eerie fairy-tales

The author, Emily Carroll is an award-winning comic creator