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Jewish Sayings, Shalom Y’All Plaque

Looking for a perfect gift to wish a loved one or a special friend Happy Hanukkah? Shopping for Hanukkah gifts can be challenging.

You are more likely to be met with blank stares when you walk into just any store looking for Hanukah gift items.

If you do find a Hanukkah friendly store, you may not be lucky enough to find something spectacular.

The good thing is you are here. We take pride in providing gift ideas suitable for any occasion to spare you the agony of having to hop from one store to another.

And true to our word, we have an excellent Hanukkah or Jewish gift suggestion for someone special in your life.

Presenting to you this handmade ceramic wall plaque by Mountain Meadows Pottery. Wall hangings and plaques can transform a bland wall into a charming space.

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Detailed information about Jewish Sayings, Shalom Y’All Plaque

And if the wall plaque sends the right message to show what the person stands for or spreads positive vibes like this particular one, then it becomes more personal. It's likely to make a home or office feel homelier and welcoming.

This ceramic plaque will look fantastic anywhere its placed, be it at the office or home space. It is beautifully decorated with a Jewish saying that reads “Shalom Y’all."

This is an inspirational Christian caption wishing everyone peace, prosperity, harmony, completeness, tranquillity, and wellness. It can be used as a greeting to say hello or farewell to bid someone goodbye.

This pottery plaque comes bearing good wishes, and anyone will be pleased to receive it. Measuring approximately 4" x 6", this lovely plaque can fit anywhere.

It is handmade using soft clay and glazed to acquire a glossy finish. It is a nice weight and feel which goes on to show that it is a quality piece.


A quality handmade sentimental plaque

Makes a lovely wall décor

It can be hung outdoors

It has an inspirational caption and a lovely floral pattern