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IronChoco Chocolate Tools Super Set

These chocolates are so realistic that they could fool even the most seasoned mechanic. Right down to the cast writing and rust spots, nothing about this equipment would give them away except for their great taste!

These tools from IronChoco are made to be perfect replicas of the real thing. From the size to the styling, this set of seven tools of the mechanic trade are detailed and incredibly accurate having rust spots and wear spots, cast writing, and well-aged coloration.

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Detailed information about IronChoco Chocolate Tools Super Set

They look just like a set of well-aged and patinaed wrenches, bolts and gears that have spent years rusting away in an old toolbox out in the garage, but they are a whole lot tastier.

This set includes two wrenches, a standard wrench as well as an adjustable crescent wrench, two stunningly realistic gears, and three sets of nuts and bolts.

The clever equipment is crafted from gourmet 70% cocoa dark chocolate so they are as tasty as they are deceptive.


Beautifully crafted out of solid gourmet dark chocolate that is 70% cocoa

These tools are made to scale and are the actual size of wrenches, bolts, and gears and are crafted accurately down to the last detail

Perfect for multiple occasions and an ideal gift for the family mechanic