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Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

Is the new daddy feeling left out? Does he want to enter fully into his responsibilities as a father? Why not buy him this lovely cute little tool belt, designed to hold just about everything needed to change the baby’s diaper and make it comfy and clean again.

The ‘Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device’ from Big Dot of Happiness is a wonderful gift for every new dad who wants to do their duty and help keep baby clean and fresh.

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Detailed information about Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

The device is a tool pouch/apron designed to hold many of things needed to keep baby clean. It includes: 4 x size 3 diapers; 10 x baby wipes; travel sized baby lotion; travel sized baby powder, travel sized baby shampoo; head to toe wash; diaper cream; 1 x pair plastic tongs; 1 x safety glasses and to top it all off there is a funny poem to raise a smile.

One thing you must remember is that nothing in this pouch style apron is a toy so you have to keep children aged less than 12 years well away from it and especially children less than 3 years. There are items here that would not be pleasant if they inadvertently spilled into the baby’s eyes or mouth. Look on the individual items’ labels for information on the ingredients, how to use it, relevant warnings and other information the parent needs to know.


The Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device comes loaded with nearly all the cleansing items you need to make your baby clean again

This belt pouch / apron will last for many months

Just what a daddy needs to keep his baby nice and clean


Would have been better if it contained some disposable gloves and a face mask too