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DII CAMZ10202 Cotton Hanukkah Chanukah Chef Apron

Most American Jews celebrate Hannukah and involve traditions such as lighting the menorah, eating bread and food cooked in oils and playing dreidel games.

However, traditionally, gift-giving was not part of the festivities. Instead, parents would give gelt, which was a small amount of chocolate coins or money to children.

Because of its proximity to Christmas holidays, Hanukah presents a great opportunity to exchange gifts and treat our loved ones with gifts.

Holidays mean lots of food and merrymaking and more food. Someone has to cook these delicious dishes and while at it, they would look absolutely fantastic if they adorned this Hanukah holiday chef apron by DII.

Whether you are getting this lovely apron for your mom, wife, daughter, sister, or a special friend, it will without a doubt set the holiday mood and start the festivities at a high note.

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Detailed information about DII CAMZ10202 Cotton Hanukkah Chanukah Chef Apron

It is a stylish, fashionable apron perfect for the chef in your family and a great addition to the holiday accessories in the house.

It features a pretty simple design spotting the blue color synonymous with Hanukkah holidays. It is a quality kitchen apron made from 100% cotton material and measures approximately 35" long.

It is big enough to fit adults, and the size fits most men and women.

Additionally, the apron has a long adjustable strap to warp around the neck and two more straps to be tied around the waist for a better fit.

As expected, there will be spills as you cook. This apron is large and it's designed for total coverage to protect the chef’s clothes from grease and spills when cooking.

And once you are done with cooking, you can machine wash this kitchen apron using cold water and tumble dry it to avoid shrinkage. If need be, it can be ironed with low heat.


A quality kitchen apron made of 100% woven cotton material

One size fits most men and women

Has adjustable straps for a better fitting

Machine washable

Available in different styles and colors