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Lolita Maid of Honor Artisan Painted Wine Glass

The gorgeous wine glass by Lolita is the perfect way to say “Thank You” for standing up and being there from the bride to her maid of honor.

Lolita designs are known the world over for their creative and beautiful artistry in creating one of a kind gifts for special occasions, and this Maid of Honor wine glass is no exception.

Each glass is blown by skilled artisans and then carefully painted with delicate designs and text meant to commemorate the event at hand.

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Detailed information about Lolita Maid of Honor Artisan Painted Wine Glass

As a beautiful finishing touch, glistening crystals are attached to the wine glass to add just a bit more sparkle and bling, as if it needed it!

Each hand blown glass holds 15 ounces of the beverage of choice and is so beautiful that it would make drinking milk out of it seem sophisticated and elegant.

Instead of milk though, one could try out the cocktail recipe included with each gift under the foot of the glass. Go ahead and try enjoying something unique and interesting,


Each stemmed wine glass is first hand blown by skilled artisans

Delicately painted by hand in the most intricate patterns

“Maid of Honor” handpainted on the foot of the glass

Packaged beautifully and carefully in a decorative box

Shimmering crystal accents add a bit of bling to this gorgeous creation