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Ms. Clover ‘Daughter-in-Law and Also My Friend’ Cuff

When your son finally picks the one and says “I do” to her, you acquire a new family member and a friend too. She is not just your son’s wife, but she is now your daughter and a great addition to the unit.

She brings smiles, happiness, a cheerful presence and a possibility for a great future together. She is family and nothing would strengthen your bond than a gift that appreciates her.

So, how about you celebrate your daughter in law and show her how blessed you are to have her in your family with this lovely Daughter in Law Bracelet by Ms. Clover. You couldn’t say it better than with this sentimental keepsake cuff.

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Detailed information about Ms. Clover ‘Daughter-in-Law and Also My Friend’ Cuff

This is such a beautiful gift that will help you express your feelings for her. It shows that you not only acquired a daughter, but you have also found a friend and a confidant, and you couldn't be happier to have her in your life.

Above all, this is a quality a bracelet cuff made of stainless steel. It's incredibly durable, and just like your love for your daughter in law, it will last for years to come.

It measures approximately 6 ¾" long and ½" wide, and it's adjustable to fit most wrist sizes.


A keepsake cuff designed for daughter in law

Hand stamped with a lovely quote

It's adjustable to fit most wrist sizes